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For a wide and wonderful selection of cannabis-infused edibles, shop at either Just Jane location. With a recreational dispensary in San Mateo and another in Juan Tabo, we’re always nearby and open until 10 PM seven days per week. Check out our shelves for popular and exciting strains from Pharmers Quality, Elevated, and Bloom Brand. You’re going to love our variety of tasty gummies, chocolates, syrups, suckers, Cosmic Stix, lemonades, and more.

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Edibles That Keep You Elevated

Just Jane welcomes 21+ adults from anywhere across the country to sample the many benefits of delicious cannabis-infused edibles. They’re so simple. You don’t need to carry around any extra gear or worry about odors, ash, or smoke. Discreet, convenient, and portable, edibles provide exact dosing and long-lasting effects. Just keep in mind the effects tend to be quite intense and take a while to be fully felt. Start low and go slow!

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Watermelon grape cherry, blue raspberry, and pineapple are just a sample of the array of amazing flavors you’ll discover at Just Jane. Visit us and have a chat with our friendly staff to learn more about our menu of indicas, sativas, and hybrids, or go ahead and browse online. Place an order for in-store pickup and we’ll get your package ready for your arrival. When time is tight, we’re happy to share the rewards of delivery service throughout the greater Albuquerque Metro area.

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